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PALMESTRY means the study of the hand in its entirety, however it is divided into two section: the twin of science of chirognomy and chiromancy. The first reading with the shape of the hand and fingers and relates to the heredity influence of character and disposition. The second to the lines and marking of the palm to the past, present and future. Therefore we would understand that the second portion of the study cannot be completed without the first.


It is very interesting to visit the ward of patient to examine the lines on patient's hand. Went to the nearest bed of patient without pausing to look at and examine his hand. I hardly knew the name of the five principal lines, and that breaks in those lines meant misfortune. After examine the hand found that the life line broken in both hands. Also fate line before it had reached a quarter of its natural length, stopped and replaced by cross. I enquired the patient and found that he was 25 years old and died in few days.

Tendency such as eloquence, anger and affection are shown by moments.

1. The hand is high stage of showing developments peculiar to man as a reasonable view.

2. These movements are coarse and fine.

3. Creases and lines bear a definite relation to movements and so tendencies.

4. There are four well marked creases and lines on every hand.

5. A line crossing the longevity line a branch or break interferes with its uniformity.

6. Nerves regulating posture and finer motion or lines cheaply motor fibers, transmitting in vibration the resultant or combined effect of tendencies.

And so on……………


It is also admitted by medical science that different formation of nails indicates different diseases. It is possible to predict from the nails alone the subject will suffer from Paralysis, Consumption, Heart disease and so on.


  1. the elementary
  2. Square or the useful hand
  3. Spatulas or the nervous active type
  4. The philosophic
  5. Conic or the artistic type
  6. Psychic or the idealistic
  7. Mixed


Thumb is in every sense is so important that it calls for a special attention. Therefore thumb should be long and firm. It should not stand right angle to the palm nor it should lie closer to the side. It should have a slope toward the finger.

Note: Men and women have both hands which means the right hand shown for the present and futures activities and the left hand have a indication of past.


Fingers are either long or short irrespective of the length of the palm which they belong. Long fingers give love of detail in everything as in the treatment of servants, management of nation and painting of pictures. Short fingers are quick and impulsive. They are not supposed to be troubled about little things. They take every thing in masse. Generally jump to conclusion too hastily. They are outspoken in speech and do not care much about the society.


There are seven important lines on the hand and seven lesser lines.

The important lines are as follows;

1. the line of life, which empresses the mount of venues

2. The line of head, which crosses the centre of hand.

3. The line or heart, which runs parallel to that of head at the base of the fingers.

4. The line of fate, which occupies the centre of the hand from the wrist to the mount of Saturn

5. The line of Sun, which rises generally on the plane of marsh and ascend the hand to the mount of the sun

6. The line of healthy, which runs from the length of mercury down to hand

7. Griddle of Venus found above the line of heart and generally encircling the mount of Saturn and the sun.

The seven lesser lines on the hand are as follows:

1. The line of Mars, which rises on the mount of mars and lies within the line of life

2. The line of intuition, which extend like a semicircle from mercury to Luna (moon).

3. The line of marriage, and so on…………………

Insanity as shown by the line of head

It must be warned in mind that any point that is beyond the normal is abnormal. When the line of head sinks into a abnormal point into the mount Luna, the imagination of the subject is abnormal and unnatural. When the line of head even on a child's hand reaches this unnatural point it may grow up to a subject (man and women) with perfect clean insanity of ideas but mental shock or strain can throw the brain of its balance and may result insanity. The line of head with an unusal mounts of Saturn which denotes imaginative nature more widely gloomy. Generally subject lost his/her mental balance in this situation.

Temporary insanity is shown by a narrow island in the centre of slopping line of head indicates some brain illness or temporary aberration.

The importance of Star in a hand

The star is a sign of great importance wherever it makes appearance. It is a fortunate sign naturally should depend upon the portion of the hand or line with which it is connected.

The importance of the square sign

It is called the mark of preservation as it shows that the subject is protected at a particular point from whatever danger meant. When a square is outside the line but only touching it and directly under the mount of Saturn it denotes preservation from accidents.

The island, the circle, the spot

The island is not a fortunate sign as it relates to the line or portion of the hand on which it is found. It notice to the hereditary evils

The circle is a favorable mark on the mount of sun and on other mounts it tells against the success of the subject. For example circled mount of Luna denotes danger from drowning.

The Spot is generally a sign of temporary illness.

Travel and Accidents

There are two ways of telling about the travels. One is from the heavy lines on the face of the mount of Luna and the other from the little hairlines that leave the line of life. When the journey line ends with a small cross the journey will end up in a disappointment; if it ends in a square it denotes the danger from the journey but life safe. If the accident marked on the line of life it denotes more danger as when line ends with a small cross it shows that the subject has narrow escape from the serious accidents.

Importance of twin's birth as per palmistry

1. The little difference in birth time shows no difference. The same time Palmistry is quite different here as lines of hand and days of life are very much different from each other as it pretends to more accuracy.

2. Happening of any incident in life depends on the marking on lines and point where it cuts.

3. If there is non-availability of lines on the hand denotes as a normal but pale lines, short lines and cut lines are the bad result.

Children education

If your child is not studying well or have less understanding or the memory is very is very weak or which theme or direction should be chosen for your child take guidelines from the astrology and palmistry

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