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Compressive report based on numerology consists of numerology predication and correction to your name bank account email, phone no, Vehicle registration no and your company name the numerology report also give you full details and numerology prediction with regards to you numerology name

The ancient people together with Chaidens and Egyptians were the absolute master of the occult or hidden meaning of numbers, in their application too time and in their relation to human life.

It is impossible to give the details of the reasoning and examples that exist for a belief and occult side of numbers. In its turn come to be regarded as the finality or and of the series on which all our materialistic calculation are built.

Beyond the number 9 all ordinary numbers became but a mere repetition of the first Nine. The number 10, as the 0 is not a number becomes a repetition of number 1. The number 11 added together as the ancient occultists laid down in their law of natural addition namely adding together from left to right repeats the numbers 2, 12 repeats 3, 13 and so on up to 19, which in its turn becomes 1+9=10 which is again the repetition of 1.

Long before man made creeds or civilization and their laws. The influence of the 7 planets became known on the earth. We Find the Influence of 7 planets through all in all.

nd date of birth life path and match with your life partner date and name etc.

The planetary numbers of the months:

  1. Number 9 is the sign of Aries and ruled by planet Mars.
  2. Number 6 is the sign of Taurus and ruled by planet Venus in positive aspects.
  3. Number s5 is the sign of Gemini and is ruled by planet Mercury in positive aspect.
  4. Numbers 2 and 7 is the sign of cancer ruled by planet Moon in positive aspects.
  5. Numbers 1 and 4 is the sign of Leo ruled by plane sun in positive aspects.
  6. Number 5 is the sign of Virgo ruled by planet Mercury in negative aspects.
  7. Number 6 is the sign of Libra ruled by plane Venus in negative aspects.
  8. Number 9 is the sign of Scorpio ruled by planet Mars in negative Aspects.
  9. Number 3 is the sign of Sagittarius ruled by planet Jupiter in positive aspects.
  10. Number 8 is the sign of Capricorn ruled by planet Saturn in positive aspects.
  11. Number 8 is the sign of Aquarises ruled by planet Saturn in negative aspects.
  12. Number 3 is the sign of Pisces ruled by plane Jupiter in negative aspects

The numbers given to the days of the week are as Follows:

To keep the name of your child as per the Astrology by knowing its words from the Nakshtra from its Charan, the total value of the name words should be equal to the pretend to the date of birth number. The value of the words:

o find the exact day in any month of the year whose vibration will be favorable or lucky to any individual, rule is to work out by the following table:


























Important information for Number 4 & 8:

A person whose birth is an 8 should certainly never live in a house whose number makes 4, 13, 22, 31, 40 etc. neither should a person whose birth number makes a 4 live in a house whose numbers makes 8, 17, 26, 35, 44 etc. , not at least if they wish to Escape sorrow, misfortune and strange fatality.

It is advised that in order to get best advantage of one's numbers, that living in cities, towns and villages, a person should a house whose numbers give the same vibration as the birth and name numbers. If they live in the country, they should give a name to their house which produces the same number as the birth and name.

Number and Disease:

Planetary cure:

  1. A person born on 1st , 10th, 19th and 28th of any month may have a tendency to suffer from the heart in some from another such as Palpitation, irregular circulation in advance life, high blood pressure and have a trouble with eyes and astigmatism.
  2. A person born on 2nd,11th 20th and 29th have a tendency to suffer from stomach and digestive organs.
  3. People born on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th have a tendency to suffer from overstrain of the nervous system. They are inclined to have a attack of neuritis and sciatica.
  4. A person born on 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st suffering from mysterious alignments difficult of ordinary diagnosis and have melancholia anaemio and pains in the head and back

And so on……………………

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